Beautiful Johnston Canyon and your Perfect Alberta, Canada Wedding

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Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park

Discover Your Perfect Wedding in Banff National Park

The immense power of the water will stun you during your hike along Johnston Canyon. The milky turquoise colour of the water will inspire you to discover more about The Canadian Rockies. The shape of the waterfall looks like a bride’s dress in harmony with nature and happiness.

If the Johnston Canyon has gotten you to thinking about your wedding or honeymoon, there are several wedding packages available for the adventurous bride and groom. Banff whitewater rafting offers discounts for brides & grooms, and the more people you have in your wedding party, the better: because then the bride & groom get to raft for free!

If you’re seeking further harmony with nature on your wedding trip to Banff, there’s nothing more romantic than horseback riding. Imagine sitting atop a gentle beast while slowly trotting through the Canadian Rockies wilderness with your loved one.

Johnston Canyon and the rest of Banff National Park is ripe with fantastic scenery, just waiting for you to experience it.

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