Bid to win a full photo day with me in Banff!

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This is your chance to find out what a professional photographer does for a day in Banff.  You can ask me any question you want, and we’ll photograph whatever we find: bears, wolves, spectacular scenics, and more!  It’s just you and me, dawn to dusk!  So what’s that worth to you?  The bidding closes this Friday, so check it out below.

Black bear family crossing a road in Banff National Park

I don’t even offer these one-day one-on-one photo tours anymore, so if you’re interested, visit our online Facebook cancer fundraiser we’re doing for a friend of mine, Larry Renshaw:

There are also lots of other great auction items up for bidding, including xcountry and downhill skis, local Banff artwork, framed photos, and some of my other products like my books and greeting cards.  You can check out the whole auction online at  And note that anyone can bid!  If you don’t have a Facebook account, just send an email with your bid to

This is your chance to help out a legendary Banff/Canmore local!

Happy shooting,


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