Photo Location: Haffner Creek Falls, Kootenay National Park

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If you’re already in the Rockies and/or are planning a trip here in the next few weeks, then try Haffner Creek Falls in Kootenay National Park for an out-of-the-way (but awesome) photo destination.  The falls are still frozen and you can get some stunning shots of them if you can handle the short snowshoe or hike in (it’s about 1 km).

Try Haffner Creek Falls for some great spring photography in the Rockies

You can access the falls by parking at the Marble Canyon parking lot on Highway 93 South in Kootenay National Park, then hiking across the road (to the south) to the warden house and up the creek, following the well-marked trail.  This is also an excellent winter photo destination if you want to photograph ice climbers.

Happy shooting!


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