Photographing Mount Assiniboine

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For landscape and nature photographers that love to get out into the backcountry to a stunning location that can provide a week’s worth of photos in a variety of light and weather, few places in the Canadian Rockies can compare to the spectacular environs of Mt Assiniboine in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park just south of Banff National Park.

Lake Magog and Mount Assiniboine

Backpackers can expect to spend a day or two en route and will want to pick up a copy of The Canadian Rockies Trail Guide.  The trail from Sunshine Meadows is a more photo-worthy route in, though those that choose to hike in from Mt Shark will want to take the Wonder Lake route to get shots of this emerald gem.

Because most of you will be carrying lots of camera gear, you may want to explore the option of taking the helicopter in and out, and/or staying at the wonderful Mount Assiniboine Lodge.

Sunrise is often spectacular here from June through September, though there is gorgeous light in the evening, too.  There is easily a week’s worth of short hikes to be done from the lodge and campground areas to stunning photo locations that will make you want to come back here time and time again.  I’ve now visited Assiniboine five times in the past ten years!

Personally, I believe that most landscape and nature photographers will find the Assiniboine area to rank right up there with the best that the Rockies have to offer.  It’s as good as Lake O’Hara and Moraine Lake, but without the same crowds.

Happy shooting.


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