Wolf Sightings this Week in Jasper

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Hi everyone, for those of you hoping to get up to Jasper this winter, now is as good a time as any.  I just returned from a week in the park and had a load of glorious wildlife sightings, including a pack of ten wolves on Talbot Lake east of town, a group of three wolves on Pyramid Lake, and sightings of four different wolves in neighbouring Mt Robson Provincial Park.

I also spotted several moose and a red fox along the Maligne Lake Road, as well as a lot of bighorn sheep, elk, and deer throughout the park.

Happy shooting!


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One comment on “Wolf Sightings this Week in Jasper”

  1. Maggie

    Hi John,

    Myself and my brother are avid wildlife photographers. We are eagerly counting the days for our big trip to the Banff /Jasper area. Any must see places we need to go to to photograph wildlife? Also, do you know of anyone who does private wildlife phtography tours? You perhaps?

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