St. Patrick’s Day in St. James’ Gate, Banff

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St. Patrick’s Day in St. James’ Gate, Banff

Banff National Park, Alberta

Once upon a time a Welsh man with a funny hat went to Ireland and got rid of a bunch of snakes which never existed. Since that day, every year the world goes green (not environmentally) on March 17th and drinks until it is no longer possible to drink. Banff is no exception. The towns of the Rockies and especially Banff have a reputation as places that have a great nightlife. St. Patrick’s Day didn’t disappoint. The whole town donned something green and headed to a bar to celebrate to the sound of fiddles. Unsurprisingly, the only Irish bar in town – St. James’ Gate was the focal point for celebrations.

Banff goes green every St. Patrick's Day!

The St. James’ Gate was brought brick by brick from good old Ireland and you can actually tell. It has quite an authentic feel and the Guinness is far from the worst I have had the pleasure to taste. The Gate, as it is known locally, is always packed on big days. Christmas Day, Australia Day and St. Patrick’s Day were all huge days in this big pub. It’s the perfect location if you wanted to have a company celebration or even a very casual après wedding celebration. The food is excellent and there are plenty of seats and tables.

There was a great live band that kept the crowd dancing until we were literally pushed out the door at the end back into the cool spring air of Banff. For atmosphere in great surroundings, good food and a great pint – St. James’ Gate in Banff is one of the best options around.

207 Wolf Street

Banff, AB

(403) 762-9355

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