Summer in Banff – Where to have Coffee

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Summer in Banff – Where to have Coffee

Banff National Park, Alberta

I really can’t tell if it is because it seems like it has been the longest winter in Banff or whether it really is sweltering but simply put the weather is stunning right now in Banff and the Rockies. There isn’t a trace of snow around town. Though this may be bad news for the ski lovers, the plus side is that when you are skiing, it will be under cobalt skies in nothing bud a hoody (and probably trousers). Better again, you can now sit around town and enjoy a beer or a coffee with the heat of the sun on your back and the stunning views of the Canadian Rockies all around you. The word ‘heaven’ comes to mind. So where are the best places to catch the sun with a coffee in Banff?

Who doesn't love to bask in the sun?!


Evelyn’s Cafe (2 on Banff Avenue – soon to be 3)

There aren’t many tables but if you manage to make it out of your hotel before noon, you can sit here in the fresh morning mountain air, read the newspaper and enjoy a late in what surely must be one of the finest surrounds in the world.


Nester’s Market – 122 Bear Street

It may not be the best coffee in town but it is one of the cheapest and more importantly it has lots of outdoor seats. The sun hits here about 1pm and the wall also traps any breezes so you are in a little sun bath. Better again; you could have a mini picnic right outside the supermarket.


Wild Bill’s or Legion – Banff Avenue

Due to its massive balcony, Wild Bill’s catches the sun almost to its death. Having dinner out here at about 6pm is one of the nicest things to do in Banff. The views down on Banff Avenue are the best in town as well.

The Legion has hands down the best beer deck in the evening in town. Cheap jugs of beer, located right by the water with wildlife always popping around, lots of tables and seats for friends – perfect. The legion is the perfect way to wind down your day in Banff after a day of hiking or biking.

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