Banff Nightlife – Beer and Bingo

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Banff Nightlife – Beer and Bingo

Banff National Park, Alberta

The words Banff and bingo are not just beautifully alliterated, they really do go hand in hand. From quiz nights to pool competitions and live music to poetry readings, Banff has a huge amount on offer for such a small town. Of all the time I have lived here in Banff surrounded by the Canadian Rockies, I have never made it to the Thursday night bingo night in the legion. The Royal Canadian Legion is great for many reasons. Firstly – it’s location – right above the Bow River. Secondly it is a great place to go for a game of pool with a friend for a quiet chat. Thirdly they have delightfully cheap jugs of beer and finally a mixture of all of the above with crazy bingo nights on Thursday.

Blow some steam off with bingo in Banff!

When I walked in, I expected fierce competition from a few old locals. Though there was the usual smattering of friendly Banffites, the place was also packed full of people of all age, race and nation. With 8pm approaching, I dare say the atmosphere was electric! Cards can be bought for anything from $1 upwards at the start of the night. The caller takes her job professionally and you really do get your value for money as she gets through games at super speed. In fact, despite the numbers in the room, your faithful writer managed to call out a shy bingo, winning $15 in the process. My bingo associated peer pressured me into investing this straight back into the jugs of beer.

Bingo at 8pm in the legion is a great way to kick off your night rather than having a drink in an overpriced Banff hotel. It is a cheap option that can actually win you a fortune if the numbers fall correctly for you. With the Canadian Rockies surrounding you, a cool cheap Kokanee in your hand, a vibrant nightlife ahead and the echoes of that number that was never called in your head – you are ready to tackle Banff!

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