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Banff’s Best Accommodation

Banff Boutique Inn – Perfect for a Party

Banff, Alberta

When you hear the news that another of your friends is getting married, it needn’t always be so depressing. The wedding is always going to be a great party, and in Banff, there are few inns better equipped for the big day than the Banff Boutique Inn.

Banff Boutique Inn

Banff Boutique Inn

I recently had the pleasure of attending a buddy’s wedding at this little lodging gem, and I can see where it gets its reputation. Tranquil pine trees line the path of the entrance, helping an old mountain man like myself feel like he’s still in his natural element. Of course anyone could appreciate the natural beauty of the Banff Boutique Inn. Heck, even the groom cheered up a little as we pulled into the driveway.

Save the Economy Special: As there are only 10 rooms, the inn was perfect for the small wedding party we had. However, talking with the friendly owner Lee O’ Donnell, I learned about a mid-week special where you can come for a romantic getaway and get 30 percent off.

“My place is perfect for folks who enjoy a small inn atmosphere where they can enjoy large great rooms with their own glass of wine,” O’Donnell told me.  “It’s ideal for small parties to take over and call their own for the weekend, but it’s also a great place for couples to come for a cheap mid-week stay.”

From a mountain man’s perspective, there’s only one problem with this deal. One too many of these mid-week romantic getaways and, well, a man might just end up getting married.

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