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Written by Administrator posted on Monday, June 11th, 2012

CANMORE, ALBERTA – Canada – I just have to get away from the Tim Hortons of this country and venture out for some real coffee. Locals love to go to the two Beamers locations -especially the one in Downtown, Canmore. The Downtown, Canmore Beamers has a more bustling atmosphere and a great view of the mountains.

They have great coffee and breakfast goodies. It’s one of those places where you can go to duck the cold and just hang out as locals, gossiping and doing what small town Joes like to do.

They have plenty of specialty drinks. Unlike Tim Horton’s, Beamers is a place you go to hang out and just do nothing but chat, eat and drink great coffee.

Want to voyeur in on Beamers? Check out the Downtown Canmore Cam located at It’s live. You control it. You can take pictures. It’s just a dog gone good time.

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