Best Coffee Shops in Banff

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Best Coffee Shops in Banff

Banff National Park, Alberta

There is something about vacations that make it not just okay but extremely enjoyable to “pop in for a quick coffee”! If it is a cold winters day, you can stop in for a hot chocolate and sit in the warmth. On those warm summers days, take a moccachino out to the seats in the sun and watch the people go by. Banff was made for relaxing and there is no shortage of good cafes to stop in for a snack and some caffeine. Here are the best.

Banff Avenue has many different coffee shops to choose from.

WildFlour – Bear Street

Wildflour has a big open, clear window so you can see where the chefs are making all their delicacies. The food is so good that you don’t need proof that it is all homemade but all the same, it is a nice touch. The coffee is the best in town. It does take a while to get to you but as I mentioned before Banff isn’t exactly a town in a hurry.

Starbucks – Banff Avenue

Yes I know it is a franchise but you know exactly what you are getting in here. The coffee is good, the food is good and the staff is amongst the friendliest in town. The main complaint is that when it gets busy, it gets very busy and can feel very overcrowded. During winter, a hot chocolate on the leather chairs by the fire will be a highlight of your day!

Second Cup – Wolf Street

This is the most spacious of all the coffee shops in Banff simply because the seating spills all the way into the Cascade Plaza Mall. This is a great spot to sit and watch as people walk by. To be honest, it is quite similiar to Starbucks in many ways but with a better location.

Evelyn’s – Banff Avenue and Bear Street

Evelyn’s now has three locations on Banff Avenue which is quite remarkable considering it is only a small stretch. My personal opinion is that the coffee is by no means the best in town though many have argues this point. What it does have is the best locations. On Bear Street, over the cinema, it is a nice quiet cafe to relax and the new location on Banff Avenue is very swanky indeed. If you are looking to try some really unique cafes, take the 15 minute drive to Canmore and you will have a ton more options!

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