Biking in the Rockies

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I think I’ve already made it clear in a past article on cycling that I’m a bit of a novice. Yet this great Rockies sport draws me, and so I’ve been looking for some good places to get info on biking in the Rockies. Right now I’m anticipating the start of a new column over at

Cycling in the Rockies is a great way to spend your vacation.

Their writer, who goes by the name “Colorado Adventure Biker” plans to write, blog, tweet and photograph all sorts of great roads for cycling and mountain biking in Colorado, and perhaps in Montana and even in the Canadian Rockies down the road.

Right now, he’s getting ready to kick off his new column with a pretty incredible two weeks. First he’s going to hit the famous Ride the Rockies Colorado cycling tour. This ride has been going on for 25 years now, and these days goes for one week, and includes around 2,000 cyclists, riding some of the Colorado Rockies most amazing terrain.

When he’s done with that, he’ll immediately hit the Bicycle Tour of Colorado, another long-running and famous Rockies cycle tour. This one is in its 16th year, typically includes thousands of riders, and also runs for 7 days.

After that, I imagine the Colorado Adventure Biker will be pretty good and tired. Still I’m sure a day on your bike in the beautiful Rockies is much better than any day spent in an office, coffee shop, or cramped cabin typing away at your computer.

Look forward, once he’s gotten rested up after this two week tour, to continuing info on cycling and mountain biking in the Rockies. It’s truly one of the great ways to experience the amazing outdoors that this amazing mountain range offers, a great way to get some exercise, and all-in-all a fun way to enjoy you Rockies vacation time. Happy riding! I’ll see you out there as soon as I take off the training wheels.

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