Canadian Rockies Cowboy Adventure Vacation

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Finding my inner cowboy at a Canadian Rockies dude ranch

Ever since I was a little mountian boy, I’ve dreamed of being a cowboy. I ended up being a mountain man, of course, which ain’t half bad, but still, the cowboy dream has always been there. Now just recently, the guys in the newsroom here have been talking about dude ranch vacations.

The cowboy dream is finally possible for Mountain Man.

Particularly, they’ve been going crazy about Three Bars Ranch over in Canmore, British Columbia. The place sounds really amazing to me in general. They do rafting, hunting, fishing trips and all types of other activities with their guests. But the horses are what really interested me.

The Three Bars Ranch has been around for a long time, run as a dude ranch by three consecutive generations now, and two members of the family are professional horse trainers, so you know that they’re up to speed on horses.

What especially got me was their specialty week ranch vacations, particularly the one where you get to help them out on a real cattle round up. That’s what did it for me. I can finally realize my life long dream of being a cowboy this year with a dude ranch vacation. Yee haw!

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