Canmore Restaurants: My 3 Picks

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The mountain man loves food. There’s no way around it, whether it’s French, Chinese or Peruvian, I love food. That’s why here in the Canadian Rockies it’s a good idea to have a guy like me around to show you to the best restaurants in the area. My next blog entries will reveal the culinary delights in Banff, Canmore and beyond.

In Canmore there are literally dozens of restaurants vying for you palette. you can have tapas, tacos and big juicy steaks, sometimes even on the same menu. Every chef, waiter and barman needs your patronage, if not merely to justify his existence, to assure himself that he is contributing to another happy tourists in the Rockies. So pat him on the back and walk away with a satisfied stomach.

The first door you go through ought to be the Copper Door. Yes my friends, the red metal has arrived in Canmore. In this upscale eatery, order your exotic meats to your healthy heart’s desire. Chow down on caribou, venison and buffalo like it were the 19th century.

If the red meat does not satisfy your soul, go for their many seafood dishes and taste the hot, homemade bread.  Watch you behavior at this place!

Shifting gears and filling your pot with a local brew, head on over to the Grizzly Paw, Canmore’s unique microbrew pub. The menu is the usual pub fare, including well done fish & chips, steaks, and handmade burgers. Make sure to cover every edible morsel on your plate with their infamous Grumpy Bear hot sauce or Rutting Elk BBQ sauce. Here you can get drunk and boast about your mountain man exploits.

Finally, try the Crazyweed Kitchen for lunch. Here, a packed joint is a great sign that none of the food is every poisonous. Find your way through the pack and pick some of Crazyweed’s more unique dishes, mixing Asian, Indian, Mediterranean and French flavors.

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