Dining Out in Banff City!

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The only place with more restaurants than Canmore in the Canadian Rockies has to be Banff. Newcomers will be baffled by the extensive offer of food. Whether you’re vegetarian, herbivore or just want to eat eggs of giant birds, there’s something for you in Banff.

After painstaking research, and some kilos later, I’ve come up with my three favorite spots. I tried to pick a variety of options, everything from elegance to shabby sheik.  Many of the restaurants in Banff have been dubbed mountain casual. That basically means you have to wear boots and a raccoon tailed hat.

First off, having lived in the Canadian Rockies for so long has dulled my senses. I have to give some love to El Toro Mexican cuisine. When you just need a taco or a burrito, El Toro is the place to go. Burritos are meaty bundles of joy while the enchiladas come out spicy hot! This restaurant has been around since 1979 and been reminding locals that on the other side of the USA, there’s a country, there’s a food, and there’s a real beach! Great margaritas.

When mountain casual is too much for the head, try smart casual. The Evergreen Restaurant might be the only restaurant in town where you feel like the food is competing for some kind of international cuisine contest. The chef is known throughout town- the Hacker! That’s right, Hans Hacker, born and raised in Germany, has worked the fine dining circuit throughout Alberta. It could be your only chance to get a piece of the Hacker!

Now, if you still haven’t had enough  meat on your trip through the Rockies, try the Keg Steakhouse and Bar. Here, you’ll find a friendly atmosphere in that Canadian way. You are a guest in the Keghouse and will be treated thus. Even when they saw my mangy beard, I had a warm stool and a pint of beer in front of my eyes before I could say Minnewanka!

Make sure to stick around after dinner and enjoy the bar’s festivities.

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