Dinner Specials in Banff – 2 for 1 Tuesdays

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Dinner Specials in Banff – 2 for 1 Tuesdays

Banff National Park, Alberta

Almost every night in Banff, there is a dinner special where you can enjoy a great meal without paying through the nose for it. Tuesday is one of the best days for this with a Steak special in the Elk and Oarsman and also a dinner special in the Paddock. However, perhaps the best deal is the lesser known option in Bruno’s – tucked away on Caribou Street. On Tuesdays you can get 2 burgers for the price of one and considering these are some of the best burgers in town, this must be one of the dining deals of the Rockies!

After a day of hiking, everyone deserves a burger or two!

Bruno’s is a big local’s favourite for several reasons. It has great breakfast specials, the drinks are all fairly priced and well made and more importantly the staff is great. It is the kind of place that you can go in and feel really relaxed and chat with the servers and barmen. Even without specials, the menu in Bruno’s is big and very affordable. However when the price of your burger is halved and there are beer specials on, you can leave with a full stomach and without breaking the bank.

Although it is more of a dining option than a bar, Bruno’s often kicks into second gear and turns into one of Banff’s night-time hotspots. There is open mike on Wednesday’s and probably the best live music in Banff on Thursday nights. If you are feeling lazy after a day of hiking, biking or skiing Banff National Park and just couldn’t be bothered cooking a dinner then pop into Bruno’s with a friend on Tuesday evenings for the superb 2 for 1 burger special.

Bruno’s  – 304 Caribou Street

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