Driving the Canadian Rockies – Be Your Own Guide

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Driving the Canadian Rockies – Be Your Own Tour Guide with the Gypsy Guide

Banff, Alberta.

Despite being the number one (and probably only) Mountain Man in the Canadian Rockies, I still find myself lost at every opportunity. On top of this, I have lived around Banff since I was a little un-bearded Mountain Boy and I still don’t know as much as I would like about this great mountain range. This is why when I was informed about a new technology called the GyPSy guide that could solve all my problems, I almost giggled in joy.  gypsy1

Sure, guided tours can be awesome but they can also be a bit restrictive at times. It is a nice feeling driving with just your loved ones in the car and at your own pace, stopping for a picnic whenever you want. Don’t ask me how the technology works but as you drive along with this little gadget, it automatically plays interesting and entertaining commentary about whatever place you are at.


There are stories, facts and tips that enhance your trip so much that it’s almost incredible I ever survived without it. The commentary plays through the stereo as you drive, keeping your eyes open for wildlife. It also helps those who lack a sense of direction such as yours truly. It only costs $39 or less a day and at the end of the drive you can return to the pub, on time for a change and show off all your new knowledge to your friends. They still won’t be impressed but it’s a start!

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