Getting Canadian Rockies Vacation Advice from the Experts

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The Canadian Rockies are a big, wide region. Consider that Banff National Park covers almost 7,000 square km, Jasper National Park another 10,000 and Kananaskis Country another 4,200 or so. That alone is more than 21,000 square km, almost exactly the size of New Jersey, and it’s leaving out Waterton Lakes, the Yoho and other great Canadian Rockies destinations.

Jasper and the Canadian Rockies offer much to see. Get some expert advice!

The fact is that no one person can cover enough of the Canadian Rockies in a life time to be an expert on the entire place. Which is why over at they’ve been interviewing various experts on the Canadian Rockies, getting the advantage of several lifetimes worth of experience to give you some great info, with their Rockies Insiders section.

Here’s are 5 great interviews they’ve done in the last few weeks:

1. Photography: Advice on improving your Canadian Rockies photography, and places to shoot (your camera) in Canadian Rockies with Mike Grandmaison. Grandmaison is a long time pro photographer who has shot an entire book about the Canadian Rockies.

2. Icefields Parkway: A tour of the famous Icefields Parkway with Brad White. Brad’s a mountain man, if I’ve ever heard of one. He’s lived in Banff for 50 years, and worked for Parks Canada for 28 of those. His most recent work finds him as Banff’s Mountain Safety Program Specialist, doing Mountain Rescue and Avalanche forecasting and control.

3. Banff Vacation Tips: Marc Pinel, founder of the Grand Nature Club, a Banff-based hiking club offer his Banff hiking tips as well as some general Banff vacation information from him.

4. Jasper Best of: Peter Amann offered up his picks for some of the best places to see in Jasper National Park. Amann has been has been the president of the Jasper section of the Alpine Club, Canada’s official mountaineering organization, since 1992, and is a long-time Jasper tour guide.

5. Jasper with Parks Canada: Parks Canada representative Thea Mitchell give her take on what to do with children in Jasper National Park, and some great ways to get prepared for your first backpacking trip in Jasper.

Good stuff so far, and they’ve got plans to do a lot more, so stay tuned. I know I will be!

One comment on “Getting Canadian Rockies Vacation Advice from the Experts”

  1. Peter Parle


    My wife and I are traveling from England to spend a Month in the Rockies picking up our small RV in Calgary where we hope to visit Banff,Lake louise ,Jasper. up through to Prince Rupert BC catching the ferry to Vancouver Island and finally ending in Vancouver city.

    We will book a couple of RV sites, but would like to drive around and be free to find sites by chance. Will this be a problem in July and August, do you think we need to pre-book sites at that time of year,or will we be oK to take a chance of finding a site each day?

    Many thanks for your help

    Peter Parle

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