Getting Married in Banff – FAQ

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Getting Married in Banff – FAQ

Banff, Alberta.

Ah the big day. I remember when my lovely lady finally agreed to become Mrs. Mountain Man. She says she doesn’t remember or at least that she doesn’t want to..what a joker! The big day is always going to be special but in Banff you have some of the greatest facilities and scenery to make it even more special. If you are going to give your life away, why not do it in the best place possible?! Here are some answers to the questions you may have:

Can anyone get married in Canada?

Yes indeed. Your Canadian marriage certificate is issued by the Province of Alberta, and is recognized and valid all around the world.

Do we have to be in Canada any amount of time prior to picking up a license and being married or after our ceremony?

Nope. It’s really easy. Hypothetically, you could arrive at the Calgary International Airport at 9am, get to the Licensing Bureau at 11am and be married at 1pm. You could leave immediately after your ceremony (for your honeymoon, perhaps) and your legal documents would be shipped to you once they have been registered by the marriage commissioner.

wedding5-300x225How far is it to Canada?

Depends where you are! Direct flights leave the UK every day and fly from Manchester and Heathrow to Calgary. Flights take about 9 hours. Calgary airport is located 1.5 hours from Banff and car rental is available at the airport. Alternatively shuttle busses leave the airport for Banff every hour.

What do we need to purchase a Marriage License?

Not much more than a driving license. $125 and 1 pieces of identification (+ divorce or widow documents if either person has been married before – divorce documents need to show file number, place, date and signed or stamped by the courts). ID documents can include: Passport, Birth Certificate or Drivers License. ID documents cannot be: telephone bill, video membership or you’re your subway loyalty card.

Once we have the license what do we need?

You will need a marriage commissioner to perform the ceremony and two witnesses over the age of 18 to attend the ceremony. (Bears, Elk and other wildlife look great in the pictures but unfortunately cannot be officially counted as witnesses). Photographers, videographers and Mountain Men are usually happy to act as a witness.

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