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Jasper, Alberta

While recently on a weekend break in Jasper, I woke up in my hotel feeling the usual urge to go and explore the magical sights on offer in this gorgeous part of the world. One major problem though, my distinctively rubbish automobile (I use this term loosely) decided to break down once again.

I racked my brain, which took a while. I have often gone sightseeing with Sun Dog Tours, who bring you right to the best sights, but I wanted something different this time. Brain racking resulted in finding a website that said I could sit myself down in the sidecar of a motorbike and enjoy the sights from this throne. One phone call and ready to go.


Cruising Jasper in a side car.

There are A LOT of options to choose from with these tours, so I took the easy option, heading for the Miette Hot Springs route. Why not spoil yourself! I became acquainted with my “chauffeur,” Bowen, nice and early as I made myself warm and comfortable in my little buggy.

I have ridden plenty of motorbikes in my time, but this is the first time I could safely look around at all the sights without worrying about flipping over a grizzly crossing the road.

We cruised through raging rivers, overbearing mountain peaks and saw some elk grazing. Hypothetically, if Mountain Man had a hangover, the cold wind blowing in his face the whole time would have been a great cure! Bowen showed that he was more than just a good biker, sharing his knowledge of the region. It seemed that every spot we went to, he knew of some new intricate information that even Mountain Man didn’t know about, believe it or not.


Motorcycles offer a unique way to tour.

The price for the Miette Hot Springs tour was $150, with all the gear provided; although I unfortunately wasn”t allowed keep the leather suit. If you are heading to Jasper for a vacation, there are few better or more unique ways to see the sights than this. Now to try and swap my car for a new motorbike!

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