Lake Louise Annual Highlights

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Lake Louise Annual Highlights

Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta.

Lake Louise is one of the diamonds of the Canadian Rockies. It is a place that is on nearly every visitor’s to-do list and it is a place that seems to have remained unchanged over the years. With some of the greatest accommodations on offer in the Rockies, it is a popular place to stay as well as visit. Although usually renowned for its great skiing, it is also home to many other activities and events. Below are some that are good enough to get Mountain Man out of his bed on a cold morning!


Canada Day: Oh how I wish it could be Canada day every day. The excitement looking through your wardrobe for any red and white clothes, frantically cutting maples into everything you find, It doesn’t get much better. Unlike St. Patrick’s Day for the Irish, there is more than just drinking involved for our national day. There are pancakes, parades, sidewalk art, competitions, live music…and drinking!

Christmas: Obviously this is a big day everywhere when the big fat bearded man (not me) comes down your chimney with presents. However, Lake Louise has special celebrations to make this festive time even more festive. Among many other things, there is the Parade of Lights, photos with Santa and also skiing with Santa for the little ones.


Ice Magic: This is a new one to the list after Mountain Man turned up at this year’s event. This is an ice sculpture competition event that takes place at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise on the last weekend of January every year. The cool part about this (excuse the pun) is that the incredible statues remain on display until they sadly melt in spring.

The Banff Lake Louise Winter Festival: Trust me when I say this is something to look forward to. There are so many activities to do such as skiing, hiking and dog sledding that it will make your head spin. The nighttime entertainment gets out of control as well when the nightclubs organize special nights. Not to be missed!

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