Lodging of the Month – Mount Assiniboine Lodge

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Mountain Man’s Lodging of the Month

Mount Assiniboine Lodge

Banff, Alberta

Ok, I know it might not be the easiest of facilities to get to. It’s accessible only by helicopter, hiking, or skiing but for pure outdoor pleasures, there is simply only one winner for the prestigious Lodging of the Month award.

Despite the western feel to the place, everything is clean as a whistle and comes with cold, running water. There is one cabin in particular which is above and beyond the rest so if you manage to make it, try and get the Mt. Assiniboine Cabin. Waking up to views like that is something that will guarantee you wake up sprightly regardless of the freezing temperatures.


Helicopter taxi to your hotel sir?

A bucket of hot water is delivered bang on time to your door every day. Meals are served in the family style lodge dining room and are prepared and served immaculately, far better than what Mountain Man is accustomed to! The freshly homemade selection of breads are a particular delight.

Most people fly in by helicopter but the 15 mile hike (17 miles ski during winter) makes arrival even better especially if you arrive just in time for meals. I won’t lie, it’s not cheap but if you want to make your stay memorable or for a special occasion, Mount Assiniboine is the place to go.

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