Miette Hot Springs of Jasper National Park: relax in scenery

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Yeah it’s getting a wee bit nippy here in Jasper National Park!

And that is why this mountain man loves to relax in some Alberta hot springs.

Miette Hot Springs is a great place for a great swim with the mountains in the background. What stands out about this hot spring is:

  1. Miete just completed a major renovation. The place seemed very clean and had the “new” feeling to it
  2. The owners heard of mountain goats that hang out at these hot springs. You’re not going to get close to them. They just tease the tourists.
  3. Miette Hot Springs is definitely hot
  4. It is tucked away down a 18 km country road and there is nothing else on this road except for the hot springs and a reasonably priced resort. You feel very private in this setting.
  5. The owners of this resort have kept the prices very reasonable. The low prices are definitely welcome compared to the rest of the dining experiences I have had in Jasper National Park.

I’ll have more soon!

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