Montana: Glacier National Park Centennial

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Glacier National Park, Montana

Mountain Men are territorial by nature. That’s why we’re called Mountain Men, not Mountains Men. We generally like to choose one area, like myself and the National Parks of the Canadian Rockies, and get to know it really well. If I were traveling up and down the Rockies all the time, stopping at the National Parks in Colorado, or Montana, I wouldn’t be a Mountain Man. I’d be some kind of Mountain Gypsy.

Mountain Man is heading to Glacier National Park for the centennial celebration.

I writing that rambling prologue so that I can justify a much needed trip to Montana, I guess. As I’ve clearly stated, I’m partial to my Canadian Rockies, and places like Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, but every once in a while, something does push this old stone to shake of the moss and roll on down the highway.

So what’s got me moving this year? Well, this year marks the Glacier National Park centennial, the hundred year anniversary of one of the finest parks that’s not in the Canadian Rockies. There’s going to be all kinds of music, art events and celebrations in towns surrounding Glacier, like Columbia Falls and Whitefish, Montana.

I’m hoping to connect with some of my Mountain Man cousins south of the border, and gave them show me some of the sights in Glacier National Park, like Going-to-the-Sun Road, Logan Pass and Lake McDonald. There’s even been some talk of doing a hike from the Chief Mountain
Ranger Station on down through Ptarmigan Tunnel and into Many Glacier.

So, my whole point with this little article is to say that, as a Mountain Man partial to Banff National Park and Glacier National Park, I rarely travel far from my favorite mountains. But for the once in a lifetime sp

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