Sightseeing in Jasper, Alberta via Motorcycle

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Experience the Columbia Icefields in Jasper on a motorcycle tour.

Ride to Jasper's Columbia Icefields on a motorcycle tour.

JASPER, Alberta – Now as a Mountain Man, I don’t spend a whole lot of time sightseeing in motorized vehicles because I’m used to getting around the Canadian Rockies on foot.  However, sometimes a man just gets the urge to let an engine take care of the effort. I recently hit the open road with Jasper Motorcycle Tours along the scenic highways of Jasper, Alberta. On this exciting chauffeured tour, I got to see all the hot spots of Jasper National Park from the comfort of a motorcycle sidecar (some of you may remember that I’m a terrible driver!)

There were so many sightseeing options that I had a really hard time picking which route I wanted to see the most. Luckily, Bowen from Jasper Motorcycles Tours had some great tour recommendations that cover some of the most popular areas in Jasper. “The three most popular tours are the Columbia Icefield Parkway, Maligne Lake Tour and the Miette Hot Spring Tours.” Bowen particularly recommended the Columbia Icefield Parkway tour, “Many people have been up to the icefields in a motor vehicle but it’s 10 times better on a bike.”

I may not be the best person to let behind the wheel of anything, whether that be a motorcycle, truck or tricycle but some of my buddies are licensed motorcycle drivers and wanted to ride solo.  Well, lucky for them, you can rent bikes from Jasper Motorcycle Tours as well. While I was happily chauffeured around Jasper Park’s scenic highways, they created their own itineraries and adventures. Later, we all met up for a brew in town to share our tales from the day and toast to our adventures on the open road.

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