Mountain Man Plans a Canadian Rockies Vacation

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Canadian Rockies Tours

After answering some questions regarding the Canadian Rockies last week, your old Mountain Man poked his head into the office to find his desk piled nearly to the ceiling with letters asking numerous questions about Banff, Jasper, Yoho National Park, and other areas of the Canadian Rockies.

Don't waste time in traffic jams when a tour guide can get you here, fast.

Don't waste time in traffic jams when a tour guide can get you here, fast.

There were so many letters, that I became a little suspicious as to whether or not they were all really meant for me, or if the desk jockeys here were foisting their un-answered mail on me. I noticed a few odd looks when I sat down at the desk, but that could have been a reaction to the cologne of hibernating raccoon.

Anyway, out of a sense of duty to fellow travelers of my beloved Canadian Rockies parks, I’m working on responses, like the one to the letter below.

Dear editor,

Can you know where I can get a guide to do some on day hiking in the Canadian Rockies?

Thank you for your help.

Hiker Jones


First of all, you’re welcome. The Mountain Man doesn’t get nearly enough thank-yous for all his hard work, and he appreciates it when he does. So again, thanks.

As far as guides, there are tons here in the Canadian Rockies. But a few come to mind immediately. One of them is Jasper Vacations.

Sundog  is one of the most well-established tour guide services in the Canadian Rockies, and with them, you’re sure to get to where you want to go, and see the things you want to see.

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