Quick Food in Banff, Alberta

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Eating on the go in Banff, Alberta

Banff National Park, Alberta

Eating is one of the most fun activities you can do. It is easy and I have been doing it successfully for many years. Banff has many eateries that cater for every kind of person’s taste buds and budget. Tommy’s, for example is a great place to go and grab a beer and steak sandwich for less than $10 but what if you are in a rush or equally important drunk and hungry at 2am? Aside from the usual options like McDonalds and Subway, Aardvarks is a good choice.

Pizza in Banff is the perfect late night snack.

It must be said that I have attempted to eat the sliced pizza soberly before and it is not top quality especially compared to the kind of pizza you can get in a place like Toronto or Vancouver. However, if you order a full, fresh pizza –welcome to happy land! There is a pretty comprehensive menu so you can get whatever tickles the fancy. Located just off Banff Avenue on Caribou street, it is a regular occurrence to see a line right outside the door waiting for delicious pizza. There aren’t too many late night options for food but a night out in Banff is not complete without a trip to Aardvarks.

304A Caribou Street

(403) 762-5500

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