Reader Reviews (and rips) Jasper’s Miss Italia

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Jasper, Alberta

Normally I, as someone who calls the Canadian Rockies home, and spends a lot of time in Canmore, Banff and Jasper, am used to hearing nothing but good stuff about our local restaurants. So I was somewhat taken aback by what one reader sent us on Jasper’s Miss Italia:

On holiday from the UK and visited Jasper with my family. We ate at “Miss Italia” over a week ago and was probably one of the worst meals we ever experienced, thus avoided paying any service charge. It was apparent that things weren’t cooked fresh! The pasta was basically over-cooked mush and the pasta sauces lacked any flavor. My wife had the pasta with meatballs and this so bad, she could only take one taste of it – tried it myself and have tasted better from a can. I really could of cooked something better in 5 mins. Really very dreadful and meals cooked with no passion and not mention expensive. Avoid!

Roger Johnson

Horsham Sussex

Yowch! Roger was apparently not very happy with Miss Italia, and from surfing around a bit on the old internet, I’ve seen that there have been similar complaints. Still, you never know, and we’d willing to hear from readers who have other opinions, positive or no, on this and any other restaurant. Just contact us with your review, and we’ll let your voice (and stomach) be heard.

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