Renting biking and hiking gear in Banff

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Renting biking and hiking gear in Banff

Banff National Park, Alberta

It is no wonder the towns of the Rockies like Banff and Jasper get so busy in summer. It is not like Australia for example where you go from a slightly cool ‘winter’ to a slightly scorching summer. These mountain towns are extreme and just like winter is as beautiful as an ice Queen (if there is such a thing), summer is as warm and welcoming as an old Irish farmer (Yes the similes need work). So with a ton of activities in Banff to choose from in summer, where do you rent all your gear?

There are few better places to mountain bike than Banff National Park.


Otherwise known as Snowtips during the winter months, this is the shop I have always used for all my rentals. This should be enough of a recommendation to go but if you need more…! It has the biggest selection of skis for rental in winter and the best collection of mountain bikes in summer. It has a ton of choices depending on what you are after and some of the rarer things are for rent here too such as sleeping bags, hiking shoes, etc

One great idea on how to pass a beautiful day in Banff is renting a moped from BackTrax either hourly or by the day. The price is $96 for the day and considering you can split this price in two, this is a cheap and really, really fun way to see around town and go for nice drives around with the warm air blowing through you. For summer rentals in Banff National Park, BackTrax is most certainly the best option.

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