Ride the Tramway in Jasper, Alberta

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Soar up the tramway in Jasper, Alberta.

Soar up the tramway in Jasper, Alberta.

JASPER, Alberta – My Mom came to visit my humble abode in the Canadian Rockies last weekend. Naturally, I wanted to take her on the best sightseeing to see the best views that Jasper National Park has to offer, so I took her for a on ride the Jasper Tramway. She’s a little afraid of heights, but that didn’t stop us from reaching the summit of Whistler Mountain and snapping some great shots of the Jasper, Alberta wilderness.

The Jasper Tramway was our VIP ticket to some of the best views in the Canadian Rockies. Mom and I hopped on the tram and flew high above the treeline all the way to the summit of Whistler, which is also a popular hike. I spoke with Todd Noble before getting on the lift to find out if there were any hiking opportunities once we reached the top of the tram. To my delight he told me, “There are boardwalks which you can step off of to access a natural alpine trail that takes you to the summit. You’ll get another 600 ft elevation gain and some amazing views.”

We leisurely strolled along the boardwalks at the summit and searching for wildlife sightings. According to Todd, “There are plenty of unique wildlife including hoary marmots, pika’s, ground squirrels, mountain goats and even the occasional bear.”

After enjoying some of the best views in Jasper, Mom and I were pretty hungry so we headed in to the Treeline Restaurant to soak up the view and fill our grumbling bellies. Both of us agree that the Jasper Tramway is a great activity for the whole family. Luckily, she didn’t push me too hard about finding a wife and giving her some grandkids!

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