See the Rockies on the Canmore Webcam

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Downtown Canmore as seen from the Canmore webcam.

Usually, when I want to get a good look at the weather in Canmore and the Canadian Rockies, or just want to gaze on these beautiful mountains for the sake of doing it, I just take a look out my window. Or, if the weather is nice, I’ll walk into my backyard and stand around for a bit to take it in.

But if you’re thinking about coming to Canmore, Alberta for a vacation, and want to take a good look at the town and the surrounding mountains, or are on the way and want to check the weather, I highly suggest you check out the Canmore webcam.

This cam is, first and foremost perfect for any budget, even a mountain man’s budget, because it’s totally FREE. You don’t even need to surrender your email address, phone, name, or any other personal data. It’s really just a free resource for people who like to look at beautiful things, like Canmore. Isn’t that nice.

The other thing about Canmore webcam is that it’s awesome. Really. First of all, you can control it from your own computer. Click the button, wait a few seconds, and you can turn the camera 360 degrees, move it up and down, and zoom in and out. You can also take little snapshot photos of the town, like the ones attached to this article.

Besides checking the weather, I just thought of another fun use for the Canmore webcam. Look for your friends while their on vacation in Canmore, and make them think your psychic. Imagine calling a buddy and saying, “Hey, I just had this funny image in my head of you standing in front of the Canmore Hotel. Could you run in and get some rates for me?”

There’s probably lots more interesting things you could do with the cam, but that’s just off the top of my head. Anyway, hope everyone finds this useful and takes the time to visit the Canmore webcam. Click here to see it now.

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