Spring Skiing in the Rockies

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Spring Skiing in the Rockies

Banff National Park, Alberta

It really seems insane. This morning I sat drinking a coffee in the sun at Evelyn’s on Banff Avenue in shorts and a t-shirt and there was still a steady flow of snowboarders and skiers cruising by on their way to the hill. Despite the temperatures soaring and it really feeling like summer, the ski hill up in Sunshine Village is still open all the way to May and the snow is still great. Lake Louise has only just closed and is rapidly transforming into a summer paradise. Only in Banff National Park can you enjoy such extremes as evening BBQ’s by the river after a day shredding on the slopes.

There is nothing like skiing in the spring in the Canadian Rockies.

If there is a downside to the ski season in Banff, it is that during the best snow times in winter, it is colder than my ex-girlfriend’s heart (that’s pretty cold) and despite how many layers you are wearing, it can still get you…just like her. Spring skiing is another thing altogether. If anything you are fighting to keep cool. The sun seems so huge as you are on top of the world. The views are so clear and the mountains look like they were drawn by Van Gogh before the crazy years. Simply put, it is one of the best times and places to ski in spring.

It has been an excellent season again for all the ski hills up here in the Canadian Rockies with the snow being kind at the right times. Lake Louise ski area has an early bird special on right now where you can save a bunch if you get in early. The only problem is that you might find yourself wishing away these beautiful summer days in excitement about the coming ski season. Remember it is one of the longest ski seasons in the world so you will be getting more than value for your money!

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