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Written by Administrator posted on Monday, May 21st, 2012

The Banff webcam allows you to take pictures of people, places, and the general splendour of downtown Banff, Canada.

BANFF, ALBERTA- Canada – I’m not a photographer (don’t tell my editors that), but I sure love taking control of the Banff, Alberta web cam, zooming it up and down Banff Avenue, gazing in on Sulpher Mountain and checking our our Canadian Rockies paradise.

Check out the recent pics in the Banff Photo Gallery. I snapped some of them myself! Yes, CanadianRockies.net Photo Editor John Marriott would almost be proud. (He uses actual–well–real photo equipment) But for those of you who just want to have some fun checking out beautiful Banff, Canada, well, the Rockies.com Banff Web Cam is just like, way cool.

The Banff Live, Streaming TV cam is located on top of the Clock Tower Mall on Banff Avenue. Just way, way, way cool.

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