The Best Team Building Activites in the Canadian Rockies


Bonding with your Coworkers in the Canadian Rockies

Take your team on a horse back adventure in the Canadian Rockies.

Take your team on a horse back adventure in the Canadian Rockies.

So you’ve decided to take a walk on the wild side and bring your corporate team to the Canadian Rockies for some great outdoor adventures. Well, you are in luck because some of the best team building activities in the world are offered in Canadian Rockies hot spots like Banff, Jasper, Canmore, Lake Louise and Calgary. Check out the following listings for a couple ideas to get your group excited for team building activities.

Group Tours in Banff

Banff National Park hosts a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities from horseback riding and white water rafting to scenic lake cruises and wildlife tours. Banff Travel offers group tours to all the best sightseeing locations and adventure seeking activities in Banff. Your group will enjoy a day full of adventure doing activities that forge bonds and build trust between individuals.

Group Tours in Jasper, Alberta

Jasper National Park is home to the Columbia Icefields, towering mountains and crystal clear lakes, not to mention an incredible array of recreational activities. Jasper Vacations offers tons of sightseeing tours and team building activities that will get your adrenaline rushing and your mind working.

A little bit of everything in the Canadian Rockies

Perhaps you don’t want to just focus on one particular area of the Canadian Rockies but prefer to hop between towns.

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    Glad to read this post as I now have a clear idea what Canada’s team building event can be if I’m a Canadian. I agree with this post, as a place where it can be very cold and water rafting and other outdoor activity is not possible, I agree that this horse back riding in Banff Travel can become more fun and can become a learning tool as well to know your team’s loyalty and honesty.

    Great post and good idea of team building as well.

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    I might be more apt to try this out as it sounds like great fun I am just a bit wary as I don’t know what activities are…are they similar to activities?..Maybe these are french canadian things..if so I am out as I can’t stand those cheese eating jack asses!

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