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Celebrities Ski

This week there were more celebrities than just Mountain Man floating about Banff. The talented, if not as handsome Alec Baldwin was seen making his way up the slopes along with many of his peers.

Dozens of celebrities gathered to support Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his Waterkeeper Alliance Sports Invitational, held annually in the Bow Valley.

Celebrities showed how well they could (or couldn’t) ski on a dual slalom. It is one of the few times in your life that you get the opportunity to see Al Joyner (1984 Olympic gold medalist at triple jump) crash into Melissa Kramer at the end of his race. And who says all the celebrity fun happens in Aspen!

Avalanche Season – Caution!

Hey folks, for those of you who have already visited The Canadian Rockies, you will know how much there is to do here. Sometimes you can get so busy with planning all your activities that you can forget the important stuff. On January 16, we got a reminder of this.

There was an avalanche on Cascade Mountain, which luckily didn’t hurt anyone. Exactly a day before, there were six people climbing it, which considering the conditions wasn’t the wisest call.

Don’t want to be darkening moods but 15 people have already lost their lives in Western Canada this season and conditions have been ripe for avalanches. Check reports on before venturing anywhere unsafe.

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