Top 10 Jasper, Alberta Activities

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The mountain man trusts Jasper's finest chaufers to deliver the best views.

The mountain man trusts Jasper's finest chauffeurs to deliver the best views.

JASPER, Alberta – There are literally thousands of great locations, activities and adventures to be had in the Canadian Rockies; it can be a bit overwhelming for a first timer! No need to fear, this seasoned Mountain Man recently returned from exploring Jasper National Park in Alberta and cannot wait to share his favorite top 10 things to do, places to sleep, and places to see while having the time of your life in the Canadian Rockies. Here’s my top picks from Jasper in no particular order!

1. Jasper Tramway: Since I pride myself on being the original Canadian Rockies mountain man, I can’t be afraid of heights, but the views from the Jasper tramway were enough to take my breath away.

2. Maligne Lake: Even a mountain man likes to come down from the hills and enjoy a day at the lake. Cruise across the pristine Canadian Rockies waters that has been dubbed “The Best Boat Tour in Canada” by Reader’s Digest.

3. Trekking and Hiking Guided Tours: Pack up your favorite lures and head to some of the Mountain Man’s favorite fishing spots with friendly and local guides. I met some of my favorite fishing buddies using these local outfitters.

4. Chauffeured Motorcycle Tours: Whether you are a seasoned rider or a newbie like me, these tours are great for riding in style and enjoying the open road. Since I have such an awful driving record, I opted for the chauffeured motorcycle tours so I could enjoy myself without worrying about my traffic record.

5. High Altitude Golf in Jasper: I played my all time best game at this course; it was a dream come true! If you’re lucky, you may even have an elk sighting on the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club like my buddies and I did from the 8th hole.

6. Spa Relaxation: When I come out of the hills, sometimes I like to treat myself to some good ol’ luxurious relaxation time at the local’s favorite spa, the  Mountain Wellness & Day Spa. Treking up and down those mountains can make a man stiff, good thing I can get the kinks massaged out after a relaxing facial.

7. Family Owned Accommodations: Sleeping in the woods can be mighty rough on even the toughest Mountain Man’s back. I recommend turning in for the night at the beautifully located Mount Robson Inn for a comfortable bed and spectacular scenery.

8. Brand Name Accommodations: This hotel was a great place to take refuge from a full day of skiing and boarding. Warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the snowflakes flutter around the beautiful Jasper landscape before retiring to the comfort of your room.

9. Mountain Biking in Jasper: I had a great time hitting up the dusty trails of the backcountry mountain biking network. Rent a mountain bike to explore the wild side of Jasper and encounter some great wildlife sightings.

10.Transportation and sightseeing tours: As a mountain man, I don’t get the chance to drive very often and I’d rather leave it up to someone else who I can trust. Jasper Vacations will drive you in style through the stunning Canadian Rockies, allowing you to enjoy the scenery without having to watch the road.

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