Top Three Places to Relax in Banff, Canmore & Lake Louise

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Top 3 Relaxing Places in the Canadian Rockies

Banff, Alberta

Yep, readers this beard doesn’t just groom itself. You try and hike the mountains of Banff National Park, canoe the lakes of Jasper and eat a particurarly sloppy spaghetti in Canmore. Then try to walk into your fancy hotel to sample their soft pillows and experience the looks. Even a Mountain Man needs to be spoiled

Exotic Escape (Banff)

As nice as it would be to miraculously find yourself sun bathing with a cocktail on a sunny beach after a day of skiing, it’s just not that possible. However, at Exotic Escape it may feel like you are doing just that. It is the definition of relaxation even for a manly mountain man like me to indulge in a papaya and pineapple drenched Tropical Escape. Ok maybe I don’t sound so manly now but try it before you question it!

In my eyes, I was wrapped in all sorts of nice smelling seaweed and salts but I’m told that the technical name is Crème Fraiche Body Wrap (1 hr, $130) at Rimrock Health Club, I was told that when the whole process was over, I would feel and look much younger. Sure enough, on the way home, I got asked for ID while buying my beers!

miettehotspringsFitness Class Picks (Banff, Canmore)

I have not as yet had the pleasure of most of these classes so you will have to take the word of the very reliable Ms. Mountain Woman. These drop-in classes welcome novices (call to confirm times):

  • Town of Banff: Vinyasa Flow Yoga-breath-synchronized movement noon-1 pm, Tue and Thur (Banff Seniors Ctr, Library, 107 Bear St, 403-762-1251).
  • Yoga Lounge, Canmore: Breath control, relaxation and strengthening postures. Sounds just like watching an exciting ice-hockey game to me.
  • Lifeworks, Canmore: Boot Camp – An excuse to exercise yourself into the ground and then feel very sorry for yourself until the next class starts. It is tough cardio, strength and power moves and is based around getting you damn fit!
  • Trail Sports, Canmore Nordic Centre: Skating and classic ski classes on trails that are used by Olympic champions weekends and holidays, 10 am. There are few things better and more fun for an all round workout than cross-country skiing.

My First Facial

Aghhh I was dreading this one. The perks of this job are climbing to the highest peaks of the Rockies, tracking bears and tasting the best food around Banff. This was not the plan. Nonetheless, at the risk of losing my reputation for ever, once the original embarrassment is over, facials are actually extremely relaxing.

It was a cold day but there is a heated blanket to lie under to keep you cosy. Photographs were strictly forbidden. I must say that when it was all done, my face was feeling really fresh and young. Definitely a great option to relax after a tough day on the slopes. Just don’t tell anyone.

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