White Water Rafting – A Flood of Memories

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White Water Rafting in Banff – A Flood of Memories

Banff receives over one million visitors each year, and with the exception of past girlfriends, I don’t recall anyone ever saying they had anything but the best time in this little gem of a town. Sometimes someone loves Banff or one of the activities or accommodations so much that they write a letter to Mountain Man.

As much as I would like to think ladies write as a result of the beautiful photo that you see next to my column, I reluctantly concede it is more likely a result of excellent service that visitors receive here. Suzette sent me this letter after a great white water rafting experience with Wild Water Adventures. If you have been particularly impressed with anything on your visits (or my photo, ladies), by all means send an email.

rafting110On June 26th last year, I was visiting Canada for the first time with my family. My two boys, who are 16 and 19, along with their father, convinced me that I should join them on a whitewater rafting trip. Apprehensive does not BEGIN to describe how I felt! I was NOT going to go. But, I went down to speak with the Wild Water Adventures representative in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel where we were staying in Lake Louise, just to see if there was anything that I wasn’t understanding about this trip. Well, the girl that we spoke to was so lovely and helpful. She was very honest and open about what I should expect, and also said that if I didn’t want to go, that I shouldn’t, and that it wouldn’t be a problem. I didn’t feel that I was getting pressured to go, just to “make the sale.” So, I signed up…still somewhat uncertain, but feeling better about the decision to go!

banffSo, the next day we arrived at the RiverBase. Chris, who was the Trip Leader, although not our guide, gave us talks about safety and about how to wear the equipment…very thorough. It was all very organized and professional. Our guide was a lovely girl named Jenn. She was so nice, but so strong! I was impressed at her skill and how she took charge of the rest of the crew and controlled the raft on the water. (Actually, my youngest son had a BIG crush on her by the end of the day!).

Anyway, the experience on the water was SO exhilarating! I was able to “hold on” to the safety lines while my sons and husband took turns with the paddles. I’m certainly glad we had all the gear provided for us as the water was COLD! (I know, Jenn, you refer to it as “refreshing”!)

banff3Some of the waves in the rapids were right over my head, it seemed, when I got to ride in the front! That’s when I was getting brave during the second part of the trip and loving every second of it. It seemed to end so soon…it was the fastest three hours that I’ve ever spent.

I can’t say enough about the trip. The team was amazing. So talented, organized and caring. It was without question the highlight of our trip to Canada and we’ve been telling EVERYONE we know who is traveling to Banff to come and do a trip with you.


Suzette Cummings

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