Revelstoke, British Columbia At a Glance


Surrounded by mountains, Revelstoke, British Columbia has the distinction of containing the world’s only temperate inland rainforest. With its wide variety of outdoor activities, this unique travel destination is one of the most historical and interesting regions in western Canada. Offering stimulating entertainment, galleries, and museums that reveal the history of the railway, forestry, and the hydro-electric dam, Revelstoke is an ideal travel destination for the entire family.

History of Revelstoke, British Columbia

British Columbia

British Columbia offers some of western Canada's best views.

Revelstoke’s original name was Farwell until it was changed in 1886 in honor of Lord Revelstoke, a well known aristocrat who funded the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway. With the railway fully operational, Revelstoke became on of the major transportation and supply centers for the mining industry, serving as a magnet for business, industry, and tourism. As the economy built, so did the influx of immigrants, including many families from Scandinavia. With their penchant for skiing and other winter activities, the area grew into what is now one of the most exciting winter hotspots in British Columbia. Revelstoke Mountain is known for the first North American ski-jump, the Nels Nelsen Ski Jump, built in 1915 and famous for breaking many ski jump records.

In 1965 three hydro-electric dams began construction in Revelstoke. Once the construction was complete the agricultural industry benefited, allowing for forestry, mineral excavation, transport and tourism to thrive.

Transportation to and from Revelstoke, British Columbia

Revelstoke is located inside the Monashee and Selkirk Mountains in the interior of British Columbia. With the Columbia River and Mount Revelstoke defining its borders, Revelstoke is conveniently located 398 miles east of Vancouver and 258 miles west of Calgary. North and south access is available via Highway 23 while east and west access is available via the Trans Canada Highway. There is no commercial airline service serving the area, but charter aircraft and helicopter services are available at the Revelstoke Airport. Once in Revelstoke itself, car rentals, taxis, and local transit are easily obtainable. With a fixed bus service as well as door-to-door delivery for visitors with special needs, it is never a problem getting around in this British Columbian mountain town.

Climate in Revelstoke, British Columbia

Because it is bordered by high mountain peaks, Revelstoke boasts a temperate climate with warm Pacific breezes and heavy rain during the spring and winter months. The town will see an average of 50 inches of rain each year. Snow comes from October to January, with heavy snows occurring during the last two months of the year. Summer is warm and sunny, with August serving as the driest month in Revelstoke. As Revelstoke has a unique placement within the mountain ranges, weather is known to be unpredictable, so make sure you check with meteorological authorities in advance and be prepared for the unexpected!

Activities in Revelstoke, British Columbia

Ideal for adults and children, Revelstoke, British Columbia is filled with things to do. Stroll the downtown area in spring and summer to enjoy an array of shops, boutiques, galleries, and restaurants, and relax under the stars for an evening of outdoor entertainment at Grizzly Plaza. Take the kids on a tour of one of the many historical museums to learn about Revelstoke’s railway and forestry history. Visit the Revelstoke Hydro Dam to learn more about the region’s past. And for a highlight not to be missed, visit Revelstoke National Park, the only temperate inland rainforest in the world! Here you can revel in miles of ancient forestry and admire the flora and fauna of a virtually untouched paradise. Some of the best skiing is found in Mount Revelstoke National Park, where the first ski jump created in North America, Nels Nelson Ski Jump, is located.

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