Canmore Scenic Drives

Scenic Drives throughout Canmore and Kananaskis are tough to miss …. but here’s a few of our favorites which offer some of the most inspiring views. If these sound too normal for you – contact us and we would be happy to make some more recommendations…drivescomp1

ip3_viewThe Smith-Dorrien Spray Trail

From/To: Canmore to Highway 40 near Lower Kananaskis Lake
Road Condition: Gravel road – very rough in sections and a narrow, steep winding grade near Canmore.
Travel Time: 1 1/4 hours from one end to the other

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This gravel road is used for the “backdoor” access to Peter Lougheed provincial park and Spray Lakes (ice fishing, skating, boating). The Smith Dorrien winds it’s way through moose habitat, passes by Mt. Engadine Lodge (a great spot to stop for lunch, tea or a drink) and finally emerges on Highway 40 near the winter gate.

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ishbelHighway 40 to Kananaskis Village

Road Condition: Paved and maintained
Travel Time: 45 minutes from TransCanada turnoff

Absolutely one of the most scenic roads in the area. Plenty of picnic areas and viewpoints. A world-class golf course is at Kananaskis Village, two ski hills Fortress Mtn and Nakiska, and thousands of kilometers of hiking trails.

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Highway 40 South to Longview

(closed Dec. 1 – June 14 inclusive)

Road Condition: Paved and maintained during summer only
Travel Time: From TransCanada Highway to Longview – 2 hours

From the winter gate south Highway 40 takes you through broad valleys of monumental proportions. Deciduous trees, the alpine ruggedness of Highwood Pass, larch trees, narrow canyons, mini-waterfalls and finally the open prairies. Emerging at Longview on highway #22 you can

  1. Turn around and do it in reverse
  2. Turn south on #22 and continue to Waterton Lakes National Park or the Coutes US/CDN Border crossing. (Stop at the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site – 13 km from Longview.)
  3. Turn north and drive back through ranch country (the area Clint Eastwood’s movie ‘Unforgiven’ was filmed) to Calgary.

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