Canmore Local Museums and Historic Sites

Longtime residents and more recent arrivals are united in their interest in Canmore’s rich and varied history, much of which can be found at the Canmore Centennial Museum located on 7th Avenue, north of Main Street (8th Street). Here documents, photographs and artifact, spanning the years from the town’s birth up to the present, bring the past to life.

Over 40 buildings of historical significance have been identified in the town. Among them is the Canmore Hotel on Main Street which was built in 1890 and is still in use.

Two blocks north on the banks of Policeman’s Creek is the North West Mounted Police Barracks, Canmore’s first police station built in 1893. Much volunteer effort has been devoted to restoring this old structure.

Two doors to the south is the Ralph Connor Memorial United Church, which was built under the direction of the Rev. Charles Gordon in 1891. After leaving Canmore Rev. Gordon went on to achieve literary fame under the nom de plume Ralph Connor.

Much information about the town, its history and its surroundings can be found in the stacks of the Canmore Public Library, located half a bolck north of Main Street on 8th Avenue. There are regular showings of local artists’ work in the Canmore Artists’ and Artisans’ Gallery located inside the library building.

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