Canadian Rockies Activities for Pets, Jasper

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Jasper Activities with Pets – A Dogs Life

Jasper, Alberta

It’s a tough world for dogs visiting the Canadian Rockies in Jasper. The only place in Jasper National Park where dogs are allowed to be “off leash” is the municipal dog park in the town of Jasper, which is located on Pyramid Lake Road beside the Jasper Aquatic Centre and across from the Jasper Yellowhead Museum and Archives. Here are some other other options to keep your dog happy.


There are ways to keep you pooch happy in Jasper.

The Jasper Veterinary Clinic is located in the Stan Wright Industrial Park, across the tracks from town. Their phone number is 780-852-5551.

There are no kennels in Jasper.

In Jasper National Park – Dogs and Wildlife

Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times within the park, for both their own protection and to protect the park’s wildlife. Outside the park, the “stoop and scoop” laws are stringently followed so make sure to clean up after your dog.

Predators – Bears, Cougars, Wolves, Coyotes

Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my! Wildlife can pose a hazard to dogs, and vice versa. Dogs can make a nice snack for a grizzly bear, wolf, coyote or cougar. It is even more dangerous for animals than humans because when a dog running at large encounters a predator, the predator may react either defensively (to protect itself) or aggressively (to kill/eat the dog). The dog may also run back to his owners for safety, bringing the predator back with him!


You don't want your dog bringing one of these guys back to camp.

In fact, an incident like this happened in the summer of 2006 when a dog was trailed back to the camp by an angry black bear. The result was almost fatal, but the dog’s owners got away with only scratches and a bite on the thigh. In another incident a bighorn sheep headbutted a dog, who was acting in a threatening manner, off a cliff.

Although dogs and coyotes often seem to play together, sometimes things can take a far less cute turn. Coyotes have been known to lure the dog away from its owners to kill it.

These rules are there for a good reason and park wardens have the authority to shoot a dog on sight if it is running loose and harassing wildlife.


Likewise, you don't want your dog hurting one of these guys.


Like evil Leprechauns, porcupines are small and nasty. Many a dog and his owner have discovered the hard way just how useful the little critters natural defence system is. (The porcupine that is, not the leprechaun)

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