Canadian Rockies’ Pet Travel Checklist


Banff, Alberta

by John McKiernan
Staff Writer

If you have never traveled to the Canadian Rockies with your pet before, you might be fooled into thinking that it will just be a walk in the park (excuse the atrocious pun). Banff and its surrounding towns are generally quite friendly and you can observe our accommodation section to choose the right hotels.

Just to make life that little bit easier for you, we have compiled a checklist to help you pack all the necessary items for the furry ones before you head off.

Medications: You wouldn’t forget Granny’s meds (hopefully) so why forget the dogs? Also make sure your pet is in good condition to travel. As far as we are concerned, dog burying services aren’t too common up here.

Kennel or carrier: It’s the safest way for your pet to travel and many places insist that dogs are kenneled.

Food and Water bowls: The easiest things to remember are often forgotten.

Food: Keeping your dog on the same diet can help make the transition to a new location even smoother.

Can Opener: Don’t assume there will be one where you are going.

Stain Remover: Dog’s are like children. You can trust them with stains as far as you can throw them (not far). You can save yourself serious cash in fines if you are prepared to clean any messes yourself.

Extra Towels: See above note about stain remover. Also, you never know when your dog will go for an unexpected swim, or will need a bath after rolling in some unidentifiable substance.

Collars and Leashes: Absolutely necessary in most places. Bring spares just in case.

Identification: Bring all documentation and tags and make sure all contact information is completely up to date.

Recent Photo: Grab a snapshot of your pet just in case he gets lost. It will make the search mission easier.

Research local laws: Particularly for those travelling with controversial animals (pitbulls, cobras, alligators, etc.) You don’t want to turn back after driving all those hours!

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