Questions to Ask When You Travel the Canadian Rockies With Pets

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Banff, Alberta

by John McKiernan
Staff Writer

When planning a vacation with pets to Banff or any towns in the Canadian Rockies, such as Banff, Golden, or Canmore, it helps to have a little information before you hit the road.

The term “pet-friendly” is sometimes used lightly when it comes to accommodations and activities for pets. Although more and more accommodations are allowing pets, it is still not a dog’s life everywhere. The best thing to do is to be very thorough when you are on the phone organizing the trip.

This way, you’ll avoid unwelcome surprises when you hit the road, and are ready to be in vacation mode. With this in mind, we have set up a few example questions that you can ask to ensure everything goes nice and smoothly!

Hound Friendly Hotels

A little planning can go a long way to make your pets happy.

Are there additional fees? As you can see from our pet-friendly accommodation section, most hotels charge an extra fee for pets. The fee usually varies between $10 and $30, so make sure to take this into your calculations.

What types, size, and maximum number of pets are accepted? This varies in every situation. There are usually restrictions on how many pets you are allowed have at one time. Sometimes only small dogs are allowed.

Are there resident pets? Sometimes there are, especially in backcountry areas. Smaller accommodations such as Bed & Breakfasts or cottage resorts often have resident pets that sometimes mingle with guests. Be careful to make sure every your pet can mingle happily with its new housemates.

What other rules or restrictions apply to pets? There are many exceptions that could apply. For example, some hotels insist that the dog must be leashed at all times. Rarely are dogs allowed in public swimming areas. Usually it is requested that they are not left alone in the room.

What type of rooms are available to pet owners? Typically, there are rooms set aside for pet owners. Often these rooms are as close as possible to ground level with easy access to the outdoors.

What other services are available for pets? These days, a doggy welcome basket is not so uncommon in pet-friendly accommodations. Water bowls, waste bags and the other necessary amenities are also becoming more popular.

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