Grizzly Bears of Knight Inlet

Outstanding wildlife together with”The Most Spectacular Train Trip in the World” A perfect combination for an unforgettable journey through Canada’s West.

Highlights of Your Vacation:

  • 2 days on board the spectacular Rocky Mountaineer® in GoldLeaf Service.
  • 3 nights at Knight Inlet Lodge with all bear viewing and other activities included.
  • Limousine tours and transfers in Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies.

Grizzly Bears - inletGrizzly Bear viewing Glendale Cove in Knight Inlet is home to one of the largest concentrations of grizzly (brown) bears in British Columbia. It is not uncommon for up to 40 bears to be within a few miles of the lodge during the peak fall season when the salmon are running up the Glendale River.

There are a host of activities available at the Lodge Welcome Orientation for wildlife viewing Complimentary house wine with dinner All transportation to bear viewing stands and boats Two bear viewing tours Scenic ride of Glendale Cove Interpretive hike of Kwalate River valley Wildlife tracking to make plaster casts of animal prints Excursions for Bald Eagle viewing and other birdlife Knight Inlet sightseeing cruise (weather permitting, no substitutes).

Grizzly BearsKnight Inlet Lodge The lodge is and intimate wilderness lodge with an assortment of construction styles dating from the early 1940`s, when the original float housed a logging camp. Recent construction has provided modern buildings for guest accommodation. In the Palace, the Native House and the Lair, all of the rooms are cedar paneled and have private bathrooms for guest comfort. Most of the rooms have one double/queen/king bed and a twin bed. Most of the guest buildings have lounges with wood burning stoves in them, for relaxing in the evening or on a cool day. Meals are spectacular with fresh pacific salmon and crabs served along with plenty of fresh produce.