Book your Ultimate Canadian Rockies Adventure!

Looking for some exciting activities to try on that next Banff, Alberta vacation? Ride the Banff gondola up Sulfur Mountain and peer down at the town below. Walk upon the Columbia Icefields and taste the pure glacier water. Relax on the calm waters of Lake Minnewanka and take in the beautiful landscape of the Canadian Rockies.

These are all quintessential Canadian Rockies experiences that can’t be hurried into one day. When you’re planning to ride the Banff gondola, make sure you block out a good portion of the afternoon so you can walk the mountain trail at the top, browse in the shops, or eat in the restaurant! At the Columbia Icefield, check out the museum before or after your walk on the Athabasca Glacier. There you’ll learn about the history of the Icefield, and the surrounding wildlife that makes its home there. Before the Lake Minnewanka Cruise, get out your camera: you’re apt to spot some wildlife, like bears, elk, mountain sheep and mule deer!

However you plan your vacation, make sure it includes any or all of these unique Canadian Rockies experiences.

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