Five Best Hikes: Many Glacier Region of Glacier National Park


By Amanda May
Staff Writer

The Many Glacier region has some of the most stunning views of the glacier-sculpted peaks in Glacier National Park. And you might just be lucky enough to see some grizzlies while you’re there.

Hiking in the region is scenic and fun, full of natural beauty and wildlife. Stay in one of the comfortable Montana hotels in the area and try one of these great Many Glacier region hikes!

Iceberg Lake
This classic hike is one of the most well known routes in Glacier National Park. Its just 4.8 miles long and has a gentle 1,200-foot elevation gain, so its great for family vacations. After passing Iceberg Lake, you’ll be rewarded with a view of jagged peaks with the namesake enormous chunks if ice below.

Ptarmigan Tunnel
Another popular route, this 5.2-mile hike will have you walking up trails full of wildflowers. Keep your eyes peeled for grizzlies, they are known to inhabit the area! The hike ends with a steep elevation gain to Ptarmigan Peak. From there, you’ll see a tunnel that workers carved into the mountain for a train that never made it. Go through the tunnel and keep going down the trail for fantastic views of Lake Elizabeth.

Apikuni Falls
Take this short one-mile hike to a beautiful waterfall. It’s an easy path, fit for everyone, even families with small children.

Cracker Lake
For those of you looking for a more challenging trail, head to Cracker Lake. It makes its way through some of Glacier National Park’s best grizzly terrain and has some great vistas of the powder blue Cracker Lake. The path is 12.2 miles round-trip and has a 1,200-foot elevation rise.
Swiftcurrent Pass
This is another tougher trail within Glacier National Park. It offers excellent chances to observe the native wildlife and has some of the best views in all of Many Glacier.
For more information on these hikes, contact a Montana guide or visit a Glacier National Park ranger station for up-to-date information on trail closings, weather advisories and grizzly bear activity.

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