Five Best Hikes: Two Medicine Region of Glacier National Park


By Amanda May
Staff Writer

The Two Medicine Region is a secluded part of Glacier National Park. Hiking in this unspoiled area takes you past waterfalls, cliffs, caves and waterfalls. Contemplate the surreal blue of Cobalt Lake and catch glimpses of lots of Montana wildlife during your hike!

Twin Medicine Region landscape. (National Park Service)

Stay in nearby hotels to base your stay here by the park and read below for our top five picks for hikes in the Two Medicine Region.

Running Eagle Falls
Visit this waterfall with the whole family! It is a very short walk from the parking lot (.1 miles). The falls are unique, with part of it spilling off a cliff and another park pouring out of a cave from an underground river.

Cobalt Lake
This is a true hike that will take you 5.7 miles and 1,400 feet up. On the way you’ll see vast fields of wildflowers and get fantastic views of the Two Medicine lakes and the unreal blue of Cobalt Lake.

Dawson Pass
This hike is a real challenge. It is 6.7 miles long and takes hikers up almost 2,500 feet of elevation gain. The views are spectacular and you will have the rare chance to view a wolverine in the wild. It takes a while, so get an early start!

Scenic Point
This hike leads up to, you guessed it, a scenic lookout point that hikers and photographers will love! The path is just 3.1 miles long, but gains 2,300 feet, so it is considered a moderate to strenuous hike.

Aster Park
This is a short, 1.9 mile hike that is family friendly, with only 750 feet of vertical gain. It takes you past the banks of Two Medicine Lake and leads to a picturesque waterfall.

Note: Check in with a park ranger at Glacier National Park before setting out on any of these hikes, as they will have the most up-to-date information on wildlife activity, trail closings and weather reports.

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