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“Staying Safe in Bear Country” and “Working In Bear Country”

Presented by the Safety in Bear Country Society in co-operation with the International Association for Bear Research and Management (produced by Wild Eye Productions, Atlin B.C. in association with AV Action Yukon Ltd. and the Safety in Bear Country Society)

Two new videos provide important information to help reduce human injuries and property damage from grizzly and black bears throughout North America while also reducing unnecessary bear deaths.

“Staying Safe in Bear Country”
Staying Safe in Bear Country is the main 50-minute video. A stand-alone educational tool for anyone living, traveling, or working in bear country, this video includes the consensus opinion of leading experts on bear behaviour and its relevance to human safety.

“Working in Bear Country”

Working in Bear Country is a 20-minute companion module to Staying Safe in Bear Country. It provides more detailed information specific to people working in bear country. It is especially relevant to industry managers and supervisors responsible for the safety of workers. Note that this is not a stand-alone education video — it is essential for people to be familiar with the content of Staying Safe in Bear Country before viewing Working in Bear Country.

For more detailed information about the above videos, go to Bear Safety Videos on the Bear Safety page of this web site.

Ordering Information

Copies of the videos with either public performance or home viewing licensing can be purchased from Distribution Access:

Toll free order desk (call from anywhere in North America) – 1-888-440 4640.

All money raised from the sale of these two videos will go into a fund for future education and research on human safety around bears to further reduce bear and human conflicts.

“The Eastern Slopes Grizzly Bear Project Interpretive Video”

On the cutting edge of the conservation biology movement, the 5 year long Eastern Slopes Grizzly Bear Project has radio-collared more than 30 grizzly bears and is tracking them through the wild and not-so wild areas of Banff National Park. Filled with spectacular camera work of rocky mountain grizzly bears and research in action, this 21 minute long program is a must see for anyone who cares about wilderness and the future of the great bear in Canada’s oldest national park.

Hosted by Louise, a grizzly bear puppet character, this program is fun and informative viewing for family audiences. Available now on VHS. Run-time: 21 minutes. Cost: $24.95 + $5.00 shipping (incl. GST). To order, call Big Mountain Media at 403-247-1699, or email them at or check out their web site

Film Productions

“Grizzlies of the Canadian Rockies”

The “GRIZZLIES OF THE CANADIAN ROCKIES” documentary aired on March 26th, 2000 on CBC Television in Canada as a one hour prime-time coast-to-coast special. The film joins 3 Banff National Park bears for a full-season of their lives, as researchers from one of the largest Canadian grizzly bear studies ever undertaken, gain insights into what grizzly bears needs to survive in this region. Featuring the work of the Eastern Slopes Grizzly Bear Project and breath-taking cinematography of wild grizzly bears in the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains, this one hour documentary is a must watch for anyone interested in large carnivore conservation.

See the film’s creators’ web site for more information:

“Where Bears and Wolves Meet: Kananaskis Country”

This 53 minute long program leads the viewer into the heart of the Kananaskis through the eyes of the grizzly bear and wolf. Kananaskis Country is a 4,200 square kilometre multiple-use recreation area immediately south of Banff National Park. The show also features some of the most respected wildlife biologists in North America, including grizzly bear expert Dr. Stephen Herrero, wolf biologist Carolyn Callaghan and Peter Sherrington of the Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation. The climax of the documentary is a call for the establishment of a new Kananaskis Provincial Park that will help to protect some of the most important and spectacular wildlife habitat in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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