Enjoying a Drink in Jasper

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Having a Pint in Earl’s of Jasper

Jasper National Park, Alberta

As the snow fell softly upon my exposed face and the reflection of Christmas lights shone in my eyes, I couldn’t help looking around Jasper and thinking this may well be the most romantic place in the world. At that, I took my headphones out (no more Jeff Buckley) and headed alone into a bar to watch some hockey! There are choices all over town to go for a drink but the blackboard sign outside Earls reeled me in like a hungry fish. Hump Day? Yes. Thirsty? Yes. Enjoy Mountain Views? Yes, actually. $4.50 pints of Albino Rhino – I have no idea what this is but yes I think I will enjoy this. Ah the Canadian Rockies and their hidden gems!

The only thing better than a pint is a full pint!

The only thing better than a pint is a full pint!

Franchises are generally not my cup of tea. Call it my inner rebel. Earls, however just doesn’t feel like a franchise. Besides, even if it was owned by Satan or George Bush, you would still come here for the incredible views of the Canadian Rockies. The place is huge and spacious. Though I wasn’t after food, I was more than tempted by the lucky man enjoying some Chinese style cuisine to my right. It was about time I found out about this strangely named beer. One Albino Rhino please! Now, if there is one thing I am fit to review it is the quality of a beer and this my faithful readers is one of the best I have had and only $4.50. Bargain!

I began chatting with the barman whose conversation was almost as good as his enviable moustache. As soon as he found out that I was actually a Banff Insider researching Jasper, there was no competition like you might find between your typical Calgary and Edmonton locals. Rather, he shared some of Jaspers little secrets with me such as The End of the World. This is a lookout point just before you reach Marmot ski hill which offers a straight down drop off a cliff. I guess it’s not so secret now! Every day there is a new special in this great place. Whether you are lucky enough to actually be with someone in this gorgeous town or alone and looking to watch some hockey and have a chat, Earls is a good choice.

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